General Questions
How soon will I get to see my images?
I strive to provide an opportunity to view images within 2 weeks of sittings and 4 weeks of events/weddings.
Will I receive every photograph you take?
You will not. I will use my professional discretion to permanently remove images that do not meet my quality standards such as test shots, duplicates, or shots with awkward or unflattering expressions.
How far do you travel/what areas do you cover?
I will travel up to 45 minutes for an on location sitting, typically offering photography in areas of Terre Haute and Bloomington, Indiana. I will happily travel across the states for wedding/event documentations.
Will I be penalized if I am late?
Depending on surrounding circumstances you may be penalized by the amount of time you are late. If you are late by an amount of time equivalent to your sitting, your sitting will be forfeited.
Preparation Questions
I don’t photograph well, can you help me?
Even models often struggle with their ability to photograph well without proper direction. Rest assure that we can overcome any potential hurdles we are faced with.
My significant other and/or child hates being photographed, can you help me?
Absolutely. Step 1. Get a new significant other and/or child… Kidding! This is the most common concern brought to my attention. I am happy to walk you through the appropriate actions to have them camera ready, producing joyful expressions and cherishable moments.
Quality Questions
What is your philosophy regarding quality?
There’s an age-old biblically derived theory that I hold dear to my heart, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. My business motto is, “Made with Love” because it truly is. Each image I take, I take as if I were taking it for myself. Each product I offer, I offer because it’s a product I believe in. I’ve spent countless hours perfecting my trade and outsourcing to the highest quality printers in the US and Italy.
My location/venue is dark, will this affect the quality of images?
Not necessarily. Contact me with your specific concerns and we can discuss the potential addition of artificial lighting.  
Post Production Questions
What are retouching services?
Retouching is the process of enhancing an image for final viewing. This includes the elimination of any unwanted distractions such as redness of the skin or blemishes and more.
Will all my images be retouched?
Yes, retouching services are included in the price of your investment.
Image Use and Legal Questions
How many images will I receive?
You will be offered the viewing of a minimum of 15 images per 30 minutes of regular sitting coverage. You will receive whatever amount you choose to purchase for your final investment.
Will I have the copyright to the images?
I will retain copyright of all images unless otherwise agreed upon. You may purchase print release on any image offered during your viewing.
Can I just print my images myself at Wal-Mart or CVS?
You can purchase High-Resolution copies of your images with print release to have them printed wherever you choose. But, it is highly against my professional recommendation that you purchase prints to be displayed from a consumer lab and I would love to meet with you and show you the quality difference.
How large can I print our images?
With the purchase of High-Resolution copies and print release, it is not recommended that you print at sizes higher than 8x10 unless you yourself are proficient in professionally sizing and preparing a print for enlargement.  
Do you provide Raw files?
No. Raw files are digital negatives. They have not been processed and offer no display value. I digitally enhance all files for proper presentation prior to viewing and delivery.
What if I lose my images?
I highly recommend that you back all digital files up on an external drive source and cloud. I attempt to keep copies of all sessions for 1 year and would be happy to help in the event of a catastrophic loss, but cannot guarantee my assistance in such an event.
Print and Product Questions
When can I expect my prints to be delivered?
I strive to have all standard prints delivered within two weeks of your ordering/viewing. Albums and other specialty products may take 2-4 additional weeks for delivery.
Can I add pages to my album?
Yes, you can. Contact me for investment details.
Do you provide framing services?
Yes, I do. Contact me for more information. 
Equipment Questions
What type of equipment do you use?
I use a professional grade, full frame Nikon camera with a variety of Nikkor prime interchangeable lenses and high-quality Nikon Speedlights and Westcott modifiers.
Do you shoot JPEG or Raw?
Raw, but all purchased files will be converted and delivered in JPEG.
Meeting Policies
I live out-of-town. Is it possible to hold our pre-consultation over the phone?
Depending on where you are located I may be able to meet you somewhere. But if we can not make proper arrangements, we may be able to consult over the phone on one or more occasions until you feel adequately prepared for your sitting.
I really don’t have time for a pre-consultation, is it necessary?
It is an important part of the process in providing the highest quality services and the finest products that accurately meet your desires/needs. Without proper consulting, you may be left unsatisfied with your final results. Proper consultation allows us to overcome common hurdles in the portrait photography process. 
Can I set up a pre-consultation before booking?
Absolutely! A pre-consultation is a great opportunity to access your investment potential and I highly recommended it if you’re uncertain of your investment desires.
Payment Questions
How do I reserve my date?
Regular sittings can be reserved with 50% of selected investment total. Contact me for details on reserving event, wedding and on call services such as birth photography.
What if I exceed our contracted time for our sitting or event?
Due to the ample amount of quality time, I choose to spend with each client during regular sittings, exceeding contracted time is a common occurrence that you will not be penalized for. During event photography, additional coverage can be requested at any time and billed prior to services.
Are there any extra fees for paying credit/debit?
No, the fees I incur for processing your payment will not be forwarded to you.
If I cancel, do I get my retainer back?
Unfortunately, no. My retainer fee is not a deposit for services. It is a payment for valuable time that I am potentially at loss of in light of cancellation.  
If I change my sitting date can I transfer my retainer?
Retainers are not transferrable. But I understand there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that cause a need for rescheduling. If such circumstances arise, contact me for details on rescheduling and the potential for a graceful wave of 1 future retainer fee.  
Do you offer government or military discounts?
Yes! I offer a 10% discount for military and public school educators.
Booking Questions
How far in advance should I book?
To increase the chances of availability I recommend booking regular sittings a minimum of 6 weeks in advance and event/weddings a minimum of 6 months in advance.
How much do I pay to retain services?
Regular sittings can be reserved with 50% of selected investment total. Contact me for details on reserving event, wedding and on call services such as birth photography.
What methods of payment do you accept?
I accept Debit/Credit and cash. I apologize for the inconvenience but I do not accept checks at this time.

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